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Koora Retreat Centre is owned and run by Rev Dr Anna Killigrew and Rev Peter Harrison, two practical Anglican priests, licensed by Perth’s Archbishop, offering you a place for simple living on your wilderness retreat.

We are both skilled Group and Campsite Facilitators as well as very experienced in bush knowledge, ecology and survival.


Anna has been an Anglican Priest for 26 years and is licensed by Kay, Archbishop of Perth, as a priest with permission to officiate at Koora Retreat Centre, at Koorarawalyee, where she lives with her husband Rev Peter Harrison. Together they provide a base camp from which to experience the wilderness and explore desert spirituality, alone and in community.

She has four offspring and is a grandmother. Anna was born at Rainbow, in the Mallee of Victoria, and loves living, camping and walking in this mallee country of Boorabbin National Park, Western Australia.

Anna spends a day each week at a secluded prayer hut to foster her own spiritual life. She has completed training in spiritual direction with the Perth Diocese, and has experience in group dynamics and community building through her years in parish life and her previous life as a secondary teacher and industrial and university chaplain.


Peter is also licensed by Kay, Archbishop of Perth, as a priest with permission to officiate. He has a long history of providing infrastructure for Wilderness Retreats for groups. He facilitated retreats at nearby Weowanie Rock for 20 years. He was born at Wiluna, in the centre of WA, so has a lifetime of wilderness experience to draw upon. Peter's desert experience informs his camp-fire discussions. He is able to draw out the desert monk in many retreatants with his reflections to stimulate your own life-journey.

He has been an Anglican Priest for 46 years, is married to Anna Killigrew, and licensed by the Archbishop of Perth. 

Peter has three offspring and is a grandfather. He is the self-proclaimed mayor of the townsite. A former civil engineer, Peter is adept at running a smooth and comfortable camp environment. Those who would follow him into the wilderness appreciate his bush skills.

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