Experiencing Desert Environment

This five million star venue provides single accommodation for 12 people to make retreats in close contact with local flora, fauna and the dry, hot or cold desert environment. This is a wilderness experience, not a holiday destination.

Koora Retreat Centre has a desert climate with its hot summers and cold winters, a climate which supports the well-adapted flora and fauna.

You can ponder and walk in nearby national parks, nature reserves, Great Western Woodlands, salt lakes, sand plain heaths, granite rock outcrops, historic sites and infrastructure corridors; you can follow the ancient indigenous water holes, 1860s Hunt’s Track, the routes of the 1890s gold prospectors, woodcutters or the Golden Pipeline heritage trail.

You can engage in campfire reflections, learn bush skills, pursue creative expression, seek your own spiritual authenticity alone and in community.

Be enchanted by this five million star venue.

We recommend that you make space in your calendar for a minimum stay of four days, to enable you to enter into a true wilderness experience and the exploration of its spiritual effect on you / your group. Spiritual direction can be provided on request.

The favourite activities of recent retreatants have been:

  • wild camping,
  • daily bush walking in sand plain heaths, open woodlands, granite outcrop environs, remote salt lakes,
  • times of silent contemplative prayer, morning and evening prayer in the Anglican tradition,
  • retreat programs exploring desert spirituality,
  • walking the 30 meter diameter Labyrinth designed in the Chartres style
  • land restoration activities, historic site interpretation and conservation,
  • creative and artistic pursuits,
  • swimming in local reservoirs,
  • companionship around the campfire and in the Refectory,
  • campfire cooking or particular creativity in the Camp Kitchen,
  • quiet pondering in the Library,
  • and joining in wilderness retreats.

The environment is harsh, but the base camp provides retreatants with the shelter you need to be able to live well in the desert.

the universe seems so close without light polution

the universe seems so close without light polution

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