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Desert Spirituality and your life's questions.

We will help you get your bearings in a strange landscape

We will help you get your bearings in a strange landscape

Since 2005 Rev Dr Anna Killigrew and Rev Peter Harrison have been hosting those who would allow themselves to immerse in un-sown, un-cultivated, un-constructed places on this ancient land.  We have concentrated on the land with in a 30 km radius of our base camp, and our passion is to share our experiences of the spiritual blessings of the various landscapes with those who are brave to face the unknown.

Put your theory about the unique desert spirituality of Australia into practice at the only remote wilderness retreat in Australia.  Experience the spirituality of the desert with Koora Retreat hosts who are experienced in spiritual direction and bushcraft.

In ancient landscapes we are open to hearing the ancient Word/Spirit of creation

In ancient landscapes we are open to hearing the ancient Word/Spirit of creation

Nothing like billy tea in the early morning light

Nothing like billy tea in the early morning light

So you can do your own spiritual work, we pray and care for you. In a day bracketed by prayer, upheld by hospitality and open to immense possibilities, you can journey with the ancients of desert spirituality, or go it alone. Koora Retreat offers you the support you need for the work you have come to do.

How to book, pay for and get to this retreat:  you can APPLY here

the COST of this retreat is $500 and you can PAY according to the description here: 

Koora Retreat is positioned in the centre of the Great Western Woodlands of Western Australia

Koora Retreat is positioned in the centre of the Great Western Woodlands of Western Australia

You can get to Koora Retreat by travelling 435 km east from Perth along Great Eastern Highway. Or you can fly to Kalgoorlie and hire a car for the 160 km west to Koora Retreat.  You can also take the train from Perth on any morning at 7.10 am  by BOOKING here:

Contact us for any information of for further instructions about pickup at Southern Cross railway station. CONTACT US 

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Writers' Retreat

Writers, both experienced and beginning, are invited to this retreat. 

seated at fire

Participants will experience the landscape of granite rock, sand plain, woodland and salt lake; listen for God in silence and birdsong and breezes; and search for the words to communicate beauty, transcendence, truth, struggle and hope.

two chairs at water on rock

Gathering and mentoring will be the Revd Dr Elizabeth J Smith. Now based in Kalgoorlie, Elizabeth is one of Australia’s foremost writers of liturgical and hymn texts.

Earth air fire water communion

Her ‘Goldfields God-Talk’ column in the Anglican Messenger magazine of the Diocese of Perth offers accessible theology and spiritual writing for the 21st century.

Cost of the retreat is $500 including all except your transport to Koora, your clothes and medications.

Payment details are HERE

Contact us HERE to register your interest

Apply HERE


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to Aug 12

Clergy Annual Retreat

Clergy, make your annual retreat at Koora Retreat August 7-12 this year.

The diocese supports you with a $60 discount, and Koora Retreat supports you with a $100 discount,  So, for $340 you get 5 days on retreat, with two, three-hour blocks of silent-time each day in which to experience the wilderness and explore desert spirituality alone, interspersed with collegial fireside conversation.  You can retreat in your own room in comfort, dip into the library, share in daily liturgy, receive spiritual direction, explore the Great Western Woodlands with supportive bushcraft.

Steven Daly salt lake.jpg

Since 2005, clergy of the Diocese of Perth have been making an annual retreat at Koora Retreat Centre.  This year's retreat, is offered to both rural and city clergy together.

Mark it in your diaries, and contact us to register your interest and for more information.

Apply Here

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to Jul 24

Men's Retreat


Men have you ever wanted to go on a manly men’s only retreat?  A retreat where you do manly things, eat manly food and talk manly talk.  Not a sundried tomatoes, cos lettuce and feta cheese salad retreat, but one with great big steaks cooked on an open fire and the only vegetable in sight is the tomato sauce!   

If your answer is yes, book yourself into the Koora Men’s Retreat.  Starting late afternoon on Friday 22 July 2016 and going through to lunch time Sunday 24 July 2016, it will be a time for men from all churches to gather and explore spirituality.  It will be a time of men sharing stories and listening to some of Peter Harrison’s stories of living in the wilderness.  A time to do manly things like chopping wood, constructing things and generally helping out Koora.

If you are travelling from Perth, Koora is situated about 70 kms after (east of) Southern Cross. You can travel to Koora by either personal transport or travel to Southern Cross by train and be picked up and taken the last part of the journey by a Koora representative.  Travel costs are not part of the retreat cost. 

Retreat activities will be rounded up by Rev William Thomas, one of two Anglican Mission Priests in the Goldfields. 

William has a great array of possible activities planned, from rustling around in Peter's local 'storage area' to climbing high mountains, swimming deep waters, and pondering the meaning of life around the campfire.

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to Jul 22

Teachers Connect to Nature

If you are a teacher who wants to introduce your students to nature, or want pedagogical support for this valuable teaching resource, then Trudi Bennett, co-founder of Educated By Nature, will facilitate your learning and strengthen your confidence on this retreat.

Contact Trudi to register your interest: 

make your application here

tilda and open woodland

You will be awakened to the potential for learning in a range of environments in the middle of the Great Western Woodlands around Koora Retreat Centre, and gain skills in facilitating this learning in others.

The retreat, in school holidays, begins in the evening on Sunday October 2nd, and concludes in the morning on Friday October 7th.  Travel by train 365 km to Southern Cross station is one option, with Koora Retreat volunteers meeting you for the final 70km of the journey.  Cost of the retreat is $500.  You merely need to bring your clothes and medication.

Apply Here.

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to Jul 10

Taking questions to the desert: A Retreat for Young Women

women silouette

 “The sun begins to break through the mist and glints off calm waters. I fill my hands with the sand … and watch as the grains slip slowly through my fingers. As the early-morning sunlight warms me, I realize what I had thought of as an escape was really a search … I realize I too have been on a pilgrimage and … I have found the peace and knowledge I was looking for.”  

Tara Austen Weaver, “Shikoku Pilgrimage”, in Pilgrimage: Adventures of the Spirit. 2000.

Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared by God (Revelation 12:6) 

It will be the midst of winter. A group of young seekers will travel together to the borders of the desert for three days of  companionable contemplation.

These women will be encouraged to bring a question with them, a knot they hope to untie.

Through quite reflection, group activities, wilderness experiences and community living, retreatants will be invited to let their questions loose into the desert, and to look and listen carefully for what happens next.    

While predicated on a belief that the desert enables ‘a renewed relationship with God through the environmental embrace’, the retreat welcomes young women with different experiences of faith, church and religion who wish to deepen their own spiritual awakening.

Cost is $330 waged, $270 unwaged and $240 tented,  Contact us to express your interest and for more information.

A young woman retreatant talks with Anna Killigrew, Spiritual Director and retreat leader.

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to Jul 5

Young Men's Retreat

Rev Stuart Fenner will lead a retreat for young men.

Stuart has had ten year's experience of leading Men and Boys' retreats at Koora Retreat Centre and this year he is offering his skills for young men.

Costs:  $330 waged, $270 unwaged, $240 tented.

Contact us to register your interest and for more information.


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to May 12

Walking Wild Landscapes in the Spirit of the Land with Belden Lane

Warm up for the ANSD 'Renewing the great conversation: spiritual direction and the natural world' conference at Shoalwater Bay with a real-life experience of un-sown, un-cultivated, un-constructed landscapes at Koora Retreat Centre in the middle of the Great Western Woodlands of Western Australia

How do we keep the great conversation with the rest of creation alive, but to immerse ourselves in it.  As we give the land the fond regard and deep still awareness that it needs to flourish, we can practice the fond regard and deep listening that brings all our conversations alive. And in the process, we find that we too are flourishing.

Belden Lane is Professor Emeritus of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri. An avid backpacker and storyteller, he was introduced a few years ago as a Presbyterian minister, teaching at a Catholic University, telling Jewish stories at the Vedanta Society. His books include Backpacking with the Saints: Wilderness Hiking as Spiritual Practice.   He serves as a Wisdom Elder with, an organisation of “Men Transforming Men,” rooted in the work of Richard Rohr of the Centre for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM

Cost for this retreat is $400 payable according to the directions here:

After this retreat, we will transfer you to the train at Southern Cross for the journey to Perth. 

There is a shuttlebus pickup at Perth railway station at 3.30 pm on Friday 13th to take you to the conference at Shoalwater Bay.  To access this shuttlebus, contact or phone 0411 043 928.  

If you wish to stay at Koora Retreat for the Friday morning train, please contact us here.

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to Apr 25

Refurbishing Hunt's Well and Track at Koorarawalyee

2016 marks the 150th anniversary of Hunt's Well construction at what was formerly named Quardagin Soak, now Koorarawalyee Water Reserve.  

Over the Anzac Day weekend, a team of volunteers with tools and expertise will refurbish the well and open 2 km of Hunt's Track for walking.  

We will read from Hunt's Diaries describing his time at this site, and read the service from the Book of Common Prayer that he read with his team on that Sunday evening. 

You may wish to join us.  Cost is $300.  Contact us for further information.

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to Apr 11

Anglican Rural Lay Leaders' Retreat

Need a time of refreshment, collegiality, encouragement as the lay leader in your rural or remote Christian community?  Then this retreat is designed to meet your needs. Revs Peter Harrison and Anna Killigrew will care for you, pray with you and lead you into wilderness explorations and discussions that will enliven your ministry and renew your soul.

Your clergy have enjoyed the spiritual and social benefits of annual retreats at Koora.  Now the Rural bishop has secured funds to support you to do likewise.  You car-pool or travel by WA Prospector to Southern Cross, to arrive on Friday and return home after Breakfast and Morning Prayer on Monday.

your rural clergy on retreat at Koora

Get support from your parish council, and apply here

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to Jan 15

Helping Families Heal

Clinical Psychologist, Christabel Chamarette, will share her resource 'Helping Families Heal Program' that she has devised and co-ordinated as a therapeutic approach amongst the Aboriginal communities and towns of the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Christabel sees her life task to pass on anything she has learned to anyone who is interested. She has learned how to bring healing for people in prison and for those who are adult survivors of child sexual abuse, violence and neglect.

Cost for this week of workshop / retreat with Christabel Chamarette is $400 or if you can come for the day, cost is $100.  Contact us to discuss subsidy if this is needed.  This costs provides all food and accommodation.  Bring your own clothes and medications.

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to Sep 13

Post-Women's Dream Quest salt lake experience

As Judith Tripp journeys on to Perth for a retreat at Nathanael's Rest, Mundaring, Koora Retreat offers an add-on wilderness experience Friday to Sunday.  We will take you to a salt lake to walk a labyrinth in the great open spaces of remote Western Australia.  This is an opportunity to consolidate your Dream Quest experience, or to join us for a short taste of what Koora Retreat has to offer.


APPLY here

The cost of this Add-On or Desert-Taster two-day retreat is $230, payable when you apply, according to the directions on the 'cost' page.

HOW TO PAY directions here


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to Jul 22

UWA Students' Retreat

Rev Michael Wood, Anglican Chaplain at both the University of Western Australia and St George's College, together with Koora Retreat Chaplains, Rev Peter Harrison and Rev Dr Anna Killigrew will lead a group of university students as they experience the wilderness in the middle of the Great Western Woodlands, and as they explore the spirituality that arises from such an experience.

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