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What is the climate like in the desert?

The weather at Koorarawalyee, is hot summers and cold winters. The cold is a dry, penetrating cold, so bring layers of warm clothing. There are 4-9 rain days per month, and an average annual rainfall of 250mm.
The closest climatic station is at Southern Cross Airfield, 70 km to the west.

How far from the highway are you?

Koora Retreat is 300 meters from the highway, along an all-weather unmade road.

Can I bring my dog/cat/bird with me?

Koora Retreat is located in Boorabbin National Park, so domestic pets are not allowed. There is seasonal baiting for feral dogs and this poison would pose a risk to your pet.

Would my children like a holiday at your place?

Koora Retreat is not a holiday destination. It is a place for spiritual retreat in the wilderness, and does not provide holiday entertainment.

Can I drop in on my way to Perth/Kalgoorlie/Esperance?

Koora Retreat has a program of retreats so any visitors need to make a booking on Airbnb on available dates.

Would you mind if some friends come to see me while I am there?

You will be on retreat while at Koora so visitors are not part of that special time in the wilderness.

What if I can’t afford the cost of the retreat?

There is the ability for visitors to undertake work each day in exchange for accommodation costs by arrangement. Many people choose to do some light work as part of their retreat day.

How can people contact me there if there is an emergency at home?

People may ring Koora Retreat on 61 (0)8 90242464 and we will get a message to you.

What if I get sick and can’t come after I have booked?

There is a refund policy attached to the application form.

What about snakes and spiders?

At Koora retreat you will be in close contact with the local flora and fauna. We are on their territory, and so we live with spiders and snakes. It is very rare to see a snake, and they are not interested in attacking you: you are too big for food. Spiders and snakes are often the focus for fear that has another source.

What if I get lost?

We will endeavour to give you adequate instructions about how to recover your bearings if you get lost. There are several permanent features that assist in locating yourself in the country around Koora Retreat. WIth mobile phone coverage (Telstra and Optus) you can find yourself on a Maps app.

What if I forget to bring something I want?

The shops are 160km away. There is limited service 70km away. So it is best to bring what you need. A comprehensive list of what to bring is available on the website.

How much silence will there be on retreat?

There usually will be silence between morning and evening prayer, and after Compline at night. Your group agrees times of silence on retreat.

What if I have to arrive late or leave early from the retreat?

You will get most benefit from at least a four-day retreat, so it is not worth coming if you will be here for less time than that. It may be better to re-schedule your retreat.

What is phone coverage/ service like at Koora?

Koora Retreat is on the NBN network with WiFi. When not in camp, the Telstra NextG network or Optus will work if you have a compatible handset, so you can telephone us on the above landline or mobile number +61 (0)412 969 978. Other service providers may have some coverage here.

Is post easily accessible?

Our Post Office is 120km to the east at Coolgardie, with no postal delivery, and we collect mail intermittently, so if you use snail mail, send to PO Box 92 Coolgardie WA 6429.

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