What to Bring

You will need to provide:

Your food, your footwear, headgear and clothing, toiletries and all personal medication.

Please note: Winter temperatures in the Goldfields can get as low as zero degrees, so please bring plenty of warm clothing, especially if you feel the cold. Summer temperatures can be as high as 48 degrees C, and the sun is fierce, so bring appropriate clothing.

CLOTHING suggestions

  • 1 worn-in pair of runners/walking shoes/walking boots in good condition.

  • 1 pair of sandals/slip-ons/runners for wearing around camp.

  • socks to wear during the day, and one pair bed socks for winter.

  • 2-3 long-sleeved shirts or tops. You don’t need to bring a clean top for each day. Light cotton long sleeves are good sun protection.

  • 2 t-shirts for additional warmth.

  • 2 pairs long pants for walking in during the day – made from lightweight material. Definitely no jeans –they’re hot, they chafe, and if it rains they are very heavy and are impossible to dry.

  • 1 pair warm track suit pants or thermal underwear to wear in Winter when you’re not bush walking.

  • 1 pair warm pyjamas or thermal underwear for sleeping in Winter.

  • Hat – Wide brimmed is essential. You may sometimes need a fly veil to go with your hat.

  • 2 very warm fleece jackets or jumpers in Winter.

  • Beanie, scarf and gloves - ESSENTIAL.

  • Raincoat. Make sure it’s waterproof and not just a spray jacket (try it out in the shower at home if you’re not sure).

  • A set of clean “city” clothes to wear back to the city.


  • Daypack in good repair with comfortable shoulder / waist straps.

  • A bag for dirty clothes / waterproofing items in your daypack while you’re walking.

  • 2-3 Zip lock bags for waterproofing cameras, carrying rubbish in your daypack, etc.

  • Torch (small and lightweight). Head torches are ideal, but DO NOT buy a cheap one, as they have lots of problems. Ensure the torch has new batteries/globe, or bring spares.

  • Two water containers with a total carrying capacity of 2L. Plastic cool drink bottles will suffice. Water bladders with tubes are also fine. Make sure your bottle/bladder doesn’t leak when squeezed or turned upside down. Do not rely on a single 2L water container, because if it breaks, then you have nothing to carry water.

  • Book, journal, pen, art materials.

  • Personal toiletries and medication.

  • Sunscreen, lip balm and insect repellent or fly net (chemical-free).

  • Camera (optional).


If your personal self-directed retreat has been planned to include camping out, then also bring:

  • Warm sleeping bag for winter. Expect temperatures as low as zero degrees. If you don’t think your sleeping bag is warm enough, bring an additional blanket.

  • Small personal first aid kit (bandaids, Panadol, prescription items).

  • Candle (optional).

  • Tent if you intend to use one, or swag.

  • Portable musical instrument if you play one.


This is a retreat on which your intention is to be present to the moment, so consider what not to bring:

  • Jewellery or flashy gear

  • Time-piece, wrist-watch

  • Makeup or other fake-making product

  • Electronic devices, Mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod

  • A huge pile of books or music or ‘homework’

  • Unfinished business that keeps your attention ‘back home’.

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